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Reich and Halbig all but forgotten as Sandy Hook Truthers launch newest legal fantasy

You’d think that Jonathan Reich and Wolfgang Halbig would be enjoying support from Tony Mead’s flock of mental degenerates, but you’d be wrong. Remember, Reich spent about a year as a fugitive at the urging of Tony and Wolf, under some crackpot idea that the hoax would be exposed in court; and Wolf himself is struggling to defend himself in his own harassment lawsuit. But their names scarcely appear in the Super Secret Stalker Group these days. This is partly because Sandy Hook Truthers do not learn very quickly, and partly because walking yeast culture Maureen Crowley has kicked off a new initiative:

The biggest problem with this idea, of course, is that these idiots don’t understand how a federal grand jury works. As Maureen’s link explains, a federal grand jury convenes when a prosecutor has a named suspect in a federal crime, or at least alleges that a federal crime has been committed or is ongoing in their district. They don’t convene, ever, at the request of delusional people signing petitions. The signatories here can’t even articulate what crime they think has been committed, or by who.

I didn’t open most of the replies, because it’s just Maureen repeating  “thank you” to herself, much like she famously does here. But I did find the reply from Hamish Spencer amusing: an Australian signature would be just as useful as any other signature in this ridiculous scheme.