The only thing more absurd than Marc Watson is Marc Watson plus a couple of his friends

separated at birth

Marc Watson, the Sandy Hook Truther so vile that even Swan Song told him to chill the hell out, recently showed up at the venerable Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright Facebook page looking for a fight:


Marc is more or less the Luton village idiot and his reputation can’t possibly be damaged. This isn’t the first time he’s shown up talking smack at SHHANB either, and those folks aren’t especially interested in his latest tirade:


When Marc gets a taste of his own medicine, two of his bumbling friends materialize to defend him, and the whole episode takes on a bizarre Monty Python flavor:




Deformation of character, eh? So much for Britons and their superior grammar. Coleen and David then both disappear rather abruptly after SHHANB shares one of Marc’s harassing tweets.

Marc’s an easy target. I’m not going to poke fun at his (alleged) disability. I’m not going to point out that driving around in a scooter with only a receipt in the basket makes absolutely no sense. I’m just going to invite you to read about how individuals with cerebral palsy tend to suffer from intellectual disabilities and other mental illnesses, and also to enjoy the entire thread. The most tragic thing about Marc Watson is that he’s roaming free to damage himself and others, when his caretakers should clearly be confining him to a padded room.

Nicholas Bunt, Keith Nemcek humbly suggest that it’s time for Tony and friends to get their shit together

Nicholas Bunt, famous for his eccentric English and mental shortcomings, posted this precious item in the Closed Group:

crisis1Anybody who’s worked on a large, troubled project knows that “What are the next steps? How can we help?” is code for “What the hell is your plan and why aren’t you getting anything done?”  Indeed, Bunt has expressed these sentiments before. To his credit, he seems to be the only Sandy Hook Truther who recognizes that they are no closer now to “exposing the truth” than they were three years ago.

Bunt’s friends aren’t quite as perceptive as he is, instead reciting their usual “we are going to win any moment now because we’re smart” litany. (Future pole-dancing airhead Laurel Glaze does get the “laughing stock” and “dumbed down” parts right.)


And then Keith Nemcek, father of the Adam Lanza Had Six Fingers On His Left Hand And Also Didn’t Exist theory, shows up to suggest that regime change may be in order if the leadership is going to continue withholding information.


The four demented failures addressed in Bunt’s letter respond with uncharacteristic, sullen silence. I guess it’s not every day that one of your Internet underlings puts you in your place. Keith Numbnuts will most likely lose patience and start his own Serious Researcher group, finding new pixels to stare at and new documents to misinterpret. Truthers Groups of all types inevitably splinter and destroy themselves.

James Tracy, porn producer unite to expose false flags, raise money

Disgraced unemployed lunatic James Tracy, following the model set by impotent 300-pound fascist Wolfgang Halbig, has set up his own fundraising organization. It’s like official with the state and they’re totally gonna get 501(c)(3) status and everything.

Screenshot - 01312016 - 09:01:10 AM

Most corporations are established with intentionally vague business purposes, so as not to create a conflict should the company’s focus later change. Take note that this one has specifically limited itself to raising money for its own legal expenses. We will be watching.

So which cast of goofballs is running this show?

Screenshot - 01312016 - 08:43:42 AMAt least three familiar names here. Fetzer needs no introduction. Hayashi is Tracy’s wife, who, by affixing her name to this trainwreck, is inviting her own eventual disgrace. She remains employed by FAU; she probably shouldn’t be acting as treasurer for an organization dedicated to exacting revenge on her employer.

Darrell Hamamoto appears to be another embattled nutjob professor (his recent history even resembles Tracy’s).  From Wikipedia we learn that he is “best known for his views on the desexualization of Asian American males in the media” (which I’m not sure I understand what that even means) and that he has produced porn movies in the course of his research.

Maria Chang might be, I suspect, this person, another former professor who rambles on and on and on and on and on and on and on about weird ideas. Elizabeth Hamin I know nothing about.

Screenshot - 01312016 - 09:40:28 AM

Since the fundraising is off to a very slow start, the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund, Inc., better get it together and start producing something of value. Professor Hamamoto’s porn background may be useful here. I’d pay money to watch “Fetzer’s Four-Way Frolic”, once.

Tiffany asks questions about Wolfgang; Tony responds with impressive meltdown

Back in 2010, Wolfgang Halbig suffered a fall on a sidewalk, for which he settled with the City of Apopka, Florida, for $25,000. He next tried to raise additional money by suing the homeowner’s association of the neighborhood where the sidewalk was located (this lawsuit, and some amusing deposition material found therein, has been briefly covered here).

Tiffany has some commentary about all of this:

Tiffany’s views about Sandy Hook and its characters have sometimes defied easy categorization, but here she asks exactly the right questions. Why does Halbig have such a long history of raising money with his injuries? Why is he trying to collect twice for this one? Tony Mead, however, is absolutely offended at this unfair line of questioning:

Screenshot - 01272016 - 11:33:02 AM

Interesting to learn that everyone Tony knows has been involved in some kind of lawsuit… he must hang out with some real shady characters. And it is true that most Truthers are indeed destitute underachievers (Tony should know). Tiffany doesn’t back down though. She lucidly explains the problems with Tony’s thinking, while Tony himself is reduced to frantically reciting the same old discredited nonsense:

tony full retard

And then Tony outdoes himself with tastelessness, invoking his own deceased nephew. I’d really love to know what Gary Mead thinks about his estranged alcoholic brother trading on his name.

tony full retard 2

I have no idea what Tiffany thinks of me these days, but I have nothing but respect for the stand she takes here.

NB: The “Jeff Dryden” Tiffany refers to is a cyber-douchebag friend of Tony’s. He promised to take this site down about a year ago. I’m still waiting.

Hundreds of YouTube videos later, the truth about Sandy Hook still failing to capture the world’s attention

The Sandy Hook Truthers would have you believe that the world is waking up and a truth revolution is right around the corner. Empirical data from Google Trends proves otherwise.

Screenshot - 01192016 - 11:04:15 AM

While interest in the Great Sandy Hook Hoax remains at a low mumble, interest in mental illness shows a steady rise as the mumbling goes on. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

It’s OK to accuse people of being crisis actor terrorists, as long as you’re polite about it

Valium-popping retard Marc Watson, known locally in Luton as something of a troublemaker, has been put in his place by his equally retarded masters:


Craven says and believes exactly the same things Marc says and believes, except Craven cloaks it all in a lame responsible-investigator affect, while Marc just walks rolls up and waves it in the victims’ faces. It is at least good to see one of these morons trying to teach some manners, in between the usual harassment.

Closed Group having a little bit of trouble digesting some new information

Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler has long been falsely accused of portraying, variously, an FBI agent or SWAT team member on the day of the shooting. The identity of the agent in question has recently been revealed to be William Aldenburg. Now watch and laugh as the morons at Tony Mead’s pedostalker parade struggle to process this data:


The stupidity and desperation is amusing as always. There will no doubt me more fallout from this particular development. Looking forward to it.

In other brief news: is down, suggesting that Halbig finally fled to Argentina with the money he raised is back online.

James Tracy’s attempt at intimidation goes severely pear-shaped

By now, professor James Tracy has made international headlines as Florida Atlantic University moves to terminate him for his decidedly un-professorial behavior. Most media outlets reporting on the matter have referred to Tracy’s alleged certified letter in which he demands proof from Len Pozner that he is Noah’s father. With Mr. Pozner’s permission, that letter is reproduced here.



I have reason to doubt the good faith nature of Tracy’s demands. As a professor of media, surely he knows that a “licensed forensic expert” cannot provide an opinion about legal ownership of an image — that’s a job for a copyright attorney. These pseudo-legalistic demands, sent by registered mail, were clearly not meant to be answered. They were not calculated to unveil the truth. They were intended solely to cause pain and embarrassment to Len and Veronique Pozner. That, by any reasoning, is harassment.


Federal contractor Rick Shaddock shows interest in domestic terrorist group

Now here’s a name that hasn’t come up in a while: Rick Shaddock. This distinguished 9/11 Truther is known for many things, among them his proof of controlled demolition using eggs.

Rick is also the owner of CICorporation (or maybe it’s called Creative Intelligence; the website doesn’t seem too sure itself), a computer consulting firm in D.C. that boasts a fair number of federal clients, such as NASA, the EPA, and the U.S. Navy.  And Rick makes no secret of his 9/11 interests on his personal page.

I had to laugh a bit at Rick’s security practices on that page, however:

Screenshot - 12082015 - 10:25:53 PM

In case you don’t read Javascript, that function tries to password protect the page, after it’s already loaded, using a cleartext password of “happy”. Maybe Rick also set up the OPM’s security.

Rick’s most recent involvement in the 9/11 Truth movement that I remember was a project to raise $5,000 for a new investigation of some alleged WTC dust samples, looking for Steven Jones’ mysterious thermite traces. Last I heard the project had been been fully funded, which is unusual as these things go, but nothing tangible had come of it, which is typical.

At any rate, some members of the 9/11 Truth movement were uneasy with Rick’s involvement in the study, seeing as how his judgment might be compromised what with all that federal money he collects. So I’m really curious how the Sandy Hook Truthers are going to react to this clown showing up on the scene:


Since he’s a rare Truther who can actually generate revenue, I’m sure he’ll be tapped for fundraising. Beyond that who the hell knows what to expect? You cannot reliably predict insane people.

You could start by checking yourself into a mental hospital

Valium-popping weirdo Marc Watson, having apparently alienated some friends with his ridiculous beliefs about Sandy Hook the San Bernardino shooting, seeks advice:

Screenshot - 12072015 - 08:24:23 PM

The group he refers to here is Britain First. Without getting into the pros or cons of the group itself, suffice to say it’s one of those outfits that advocates reasonable ideas like limits on immigration and preservation of heritage but tends to attract more than its share of paranoid and naïve individuals. Whatever the political views of Marc’s friends, they seem like reasonable enough people here, staring incredulously at Marc as he preaches his insane gospel. And while I don’t know what capacity Ms. Percivaldi serves in Britain First, it’s a safe bet that she won’t appreciate being associated with a known mentally unstable fellow like Marc, given his history of abusive statements about the Sandy Hook victims. The group certainly doesn’t need any more controversy.

Asking a bunch of pedostalkers for advice on a delicate matter is never a good idea, so God only knows what the hell Marc was thinking when he came with this question. The only answer he got was this one:

Screenshot - 12072015 - 10:30:09 PM

Yes, and then have them read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Dianetics. Screw ’em if they can’t take the truth.

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