“We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” fails to turn tide

The so-called documentary “We Need To Stalk Talk About Sandy Hook”, released in December, was going to be blow the lid off the hoax once and for all. Its excellent production values and compelling narrative were going to leave no room for doubt. It was the video anyone could use to finally wake the sleeping sheep in their family. Of course you remember all that. So what kind of impact has it had?

None. Any reasonably competent critical thinker could have foreseen this outcome. The Truthers not only did not see it coming, they do not grasp it now that it’s here.

On a somewhat related note, obese underachieving weirdo and obsessive re-uploader Brian D. Roberts recently called into the Alex Jones show to call out some of his enemies, but only got Keith’s name out before Alex shut him down. And he’s apparently still pissed off at me for something. If you’re so crazy that Alex Jones won’t even listen to you then you seriously need to check yourself in somewhere.

Meet the Nutjobs: Evee Disa Froebig

Evee, whose real name I gather is Evelyn, is a pathetic drooling moron. Here she makes one of her typical brain-dead observations.


Nobody says the name, but these sick pieces of shit are all obsessed with Emilie Parker, so that’s probably who Evee has in mind. Amusing that Evee doesn’t even care which girl we’re supposed to look at: just pick any girl in the video, imagine she’s one of the Sandy Hook victims, and run with it.

Does it never cross the minds of these idiots that if the bad guys were going to use actors in a hoax, they would not re-use the same actors in another high-profile incident, because people would recognize the actors? Nancy Drew wouldn’t waste time with this kind of “evidence”.

By popular demand: Closed Group membership list updated

My spies A little bird tells me that folks in the Closed Group are feeling underappreciated and unrecognized for their hard work in exposing the Hoax of the Century. Because that is unacceptable, I’ve decided to keep a permanent list of Closed Group members. Nobody should have to do such important work in obscurity.

Compiling the list is a manual process and takes a while, so please accept my apologies if I forgot anybody. Just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to take care of it.

Meet the Nutjobs: Daneen Covino-Rogers

Bwahahahaha! Dumbassed Sandy Hook Truther and Bette Midler lookalike eats a bowl of karma:


Now let’s break this down. “I’ll never be able to ask him any questions about ‘the event'” means she was planning to ask her boss questions about the event, which no sane person would do. “He gave me reasons, but they went from bullshit to nonsensical” means she was too stupid to process the information he was giving her. “I wonder if anyone I work with may have told him how I felt about Sandy Hook” means she’s well aware that people think she’s an idiot when she runs her mouth, but she kept running it anyway. Check, check, and check. This moron got what she deserved.

Being a Sandy Hook Truther is reason enough to fire somebody, but isn’t it more likely she was fired for some other reason — gross incompetence, underperformance, a difficult personality, body odor, spending too much time on the shitter, that kind of thing?

Meet the Nutjobs: Neil Rowe

Never noticed this dumb kid before today, when he posted a hard-hitting Rowe Report (snicker) to the Closed Group.

Screenshot - 02122015 - 08:12:03 PM

All the signs are here. Frantic run-on sentences, disconnected thoughts, misstatements of fact, misstatements of law, and absurd conclusions. His Facebook page contains the usual assortment of delusional nonsense. I am compelled to admit that his heroin-vampire look is original.

His bewilderment at “copy written fictional characters” is amusing; I think I understand what he’s asking, but his inability to articulate it indicates some combination of stupidity and / or learning disability.

I guess the Rowe Report is something he just started, since the closest thing I can find with Google is multiple investment reports from T. Rowe Price. I hope he can put the bong down long enough to find his voice. The world is in desperate need of more idiots repeating themselves and each other.

Sandy Hook researchers struggle to distinguish human faces

Here we go again. Ed Chiarini and Lynda Whiting became famous early on for sharing their brain damage symptoms with the world, and now there’s this guy.


Rheanna apparently doesn’t realize that the world already knows Sandy Hook Truthers are crazy, but whatever. Also amusing how she leaps from “they don’t look related” to “they cannot possibly be related”. Logical, linear thought is not a skill these guys possess.

While we’re at it, let’s reminisce about the time Teri proved that Tony Mead and James Fetzer are the same person.