Meet the Nutjobs: Carol Clarke

rabiesCarol Clarke is better known in nutjob circles as KafkaWinstonWorld. This woman is incurably bat-shit crazy. Her claim to fame is repeatedly getting banned by YouTube for uploading lies about Sandy Hook that sane people would neither upload nor view.

The sickness starts with her handle. She wants to invoke the hopelessness of Kafka and the police-state oppression of 1984, so it would make more sense to call herself either KafkaOrwellWorld or maybe JosefWinstonWorld, but consistency of thought isn’t a huge priority with crazy people. Her YouTube channel confirms her illness: Nazi chemtrails, vaccine paranoia, HAARP, the “police state”, 9/11 Truth, and — now this is original — cell phone frequencies. Apparently they’re harmful and stuff, since she finds herself forgetting things lately.

Now the disturbing part. Carol uses at least two addresses in her everyday life, one on Marchbanks Avenue in Anderson, SC. and one in nearby Elliott Circle.

Screenshot - 03012015 - 10:26:05 PM

Well how about that. What does Carol Clarke need to hide that compels her to use a nearby fake address? Or maybe she really does maintain both addresses, so she has an excuse to walk by the school, slipping into the girl’s locker room and stealing sweaty panties. Either way this sick bitch has no business anywhere near children.

Of course Carol could make her YouTube problems go away by refraining from uploading demented, sick shit about murdered children, but she lacks the sound judgment to do so. She’ll spiral further down the rabbit hole, cheered on by her equally insane subscribers. Until the dementia takes over and she gets lost on one of her walks and winds up in the woods where she is eaten by coyotes.

Stalky weirdo would give anything to be me


Not that it matters, but in case you’re trying to keep track: this is me on Google+. This is a fake me. This is a fake Wade, and so is this. This is a fake Keith, and I have no idea what this is supposed to be. Not sure if poor Tiffany M. realizes that 99% of the abuse gets comes from these sockpuppet accounts, run by her friends.

I have no plans to address any fake me accounts. I like them because they keep these dipshits occupied; if they’re fantasizing about me then they’re not harassing parents and gravestalking.

TV industry insider hangs out with Sandy Hook Truthers, hopes nobody catches him

Ask any Sandy Hook Truther a bizarre question like “is everything the news reports probably staged by the government using actors being paid to lie for the purposes of keeping us all in fear?” and most will answer “yes”. And most regard the entire entertainment industry with suspicion, because, you know, Hollywood is in on it. Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler, for example, once appeared in a low-budget movie, which makes him an actor, supposedly proving the whole thing was a hoax. Some of these assholes even go so far as to insist Wheeler portrayed a fake SWAT team member while simultaneously portraying a fake grieving parent.

So it’s amusing and weird that the Closed Group has permitted Dan Schimke, an experienced television editor, to hang out with them and learn their secrets. Dan himself seems uneasy with the whole situation.


Well Dan, perhaps you shouldn’t associate with these people, you stupid fuck. Nobody disputes that the Closed Group does indeed contain stalkers, the mentally ill, felons, and pedophiles. You’re in the group. Do you seriously not see how this works? Maybe you need to, I dunno, watch less TV?

Dan’s LinkedIn page above is also kind of telling… it looks like he has difficulty holding a job for more than a few months at a time. Maybe that’s how it works in his industry, but it’s more likely a sign that Dan is a difficult and / or incompetent person. How hard can it be to find an assistant editor job? I found over 300 of them in California without even trying.

Sandy Hook Hoax Closed Group suffers alarming shortage of Sandy Hook-related news

Remember when Swansong posted this?

Screenshot - 02252015 - 09:10:37 PM

Swan (AKA Craven Moorehead, Idiot Canadian Pussy, Spermchugger of the North, and probably others) fancies himself a serious investigative journalist, and he long ago ran out of patience with offtopic newbies. Which is why I was amused to check up on the perverted stalkers of the Closed Group this evening and find very little discussion about Sandy Hook. What is there instead?

  • Barb “Crackhead” Kiser has two posts claiming ISIS is fake. She’ll believe anything if it makes her daddy come back home and tuck her in.
  • Maureen “Monistat” Crowley is posting something about Net Neutrality, which she does not now understand, and cannot possibly be made to grasp.
  • Brittany Bastin-McWhorter, with whom I am not familiar, is also posting fake-ISIS fantasies. Must be the nutjob obsession du jour.
  • Dave Benson, another nobody, is posting about chemtrails. Yes, these people are that delusional.

If these guys don’t clean up their act there’s no telling what Swan might do. He might even take his ball and go home again. He’s a serious investigative journalist, remember? There’s no reason for him to put up with this shit.

Meet the Nutjobs: Brenda Poland (updated)

For an example of Brenda’s intellectual powers, check out this important discovery:

polandNot sure what’s more amusing here: that Marc Watson, 1st Earl of Wankershire, thinks this might be an actress portraying little Alexis Wasik, or that Brenda finds it a revelation that people in news photos are sometimes models. Either way, Sandy Hook Truthers once again prove themselves too stupid to do extremely simple research:

stock-photo-conceptual-image-of-child-abuse-similar-available-in-my-portfolio-66196585We can confirm Brenda’s nutjob status by her involvement in the Tenther Movement. In case you’re not familiar with that, it’s another one of those groups that rejects what US law is and imagines that US law is actually something else if you just wish for it hard enough. Brian Roberts’ beloved (and fraudulent) Freedom Law School is a similar group. Always amusing to watch these morons stumble through their alternate-reality lives, achieving new depths of failure.

Update: Tiffany, bless her heart, is trying to show them. They just refuse to see it.


Sandy Hook Truth fundraising update

Born loser / white trash hero / compulsive colleague humper Erik Pearson once promised us that his Sandy Hook Truth operations would never ask for money. Should we condemn him for breaking his oath, or should we laugh at his incompetence?

epic_failI guess $1.04 per day isn’t that bad considering the limited intellect Erik has to work with, and the general impoverished living conditions of Sandy Hook Truthers. I’m sure this thing will take off soon though. People are waking up, the hoax is unraveling, etc. etc. etc…

Maureen Crowley uses new hallucination technology to harass two families at once

Psychotic bitch and chronic yeast infection sufferer Maureen Crowley, a longtime fixture in Sandy Hook nutjob circles, is really onto something this time:

roigThis is so beyond the pale, it’s funny. This woman is obviously severely mentally ill. 25 years ago she would have been the village idiot, wandering the streets and giving blowjobs for food and freezing to death anyway. But thanks to the Internet she’s a respected researcher in her “field”.

Valium-popping sissy Marc Watson posts the single weirdest thing the Closed Group has ever seen

You remember Marc, that frail British guy who posts cryptic one-line non-sequiturs, connects strange dots, and generally misses the point. He has no conceivable rational interest in the Sandy Hook shootings and spends a disturbing amount of time around little kids. Here he outdoes himself with pure crazy:

xxxaSweet mother of batshit Jesus crazy. He didn’t make the video, but he felt it worthy of sharing with the group, which is crazy enough. The video’s description does nothing to clear things up:

xxxbAmusingly, his Closed Group cohorts have been silent on this contribution, which is out of character for a group that circle-jerks itself every time somebody speaks.