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The purpose of this blog is to study and comment on individuals who deny that the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings occurred, a conspiracy subculture sometimes identified as Sandy Hook Truthers, and the theories that they promote. While conspiracy culture is common on the Internet, this particular subculture has distinguished itself by harassing and stalking the families of the victims, accusing the families of the victims of criminal activity, and treating the families of the victims with cruelty and abuse.

Like most conspiracy theories, the various Sandy Hook theories are often at odds with each other, not to mention logically inconsistent with themselves. No allegation in any of these theories is supported by objective, verifiable evidence. This utter lack of evidence makes the conduct of the Truthers all the more shocking.

In studying and commenting on these people and their theories, use will often be made of comments and material posted by the individuals themselves, and may be combined with commentary and opinion. Some of this opinion will be strongly worded and unflattering. Any individual objecting to such content found on this blog is invited to comment on the post containing the content, identifying specifically the content in question. The operator of this blog will be happy to address any items of legitimate concern.

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    1. The evidence that it actually happened is freely available, undisputed, and conclusive. To claim otherwise is absurd.

  1. Yes, I also find it absurd that the undisputed, freely available and conclusive video evidence of hundreds of fleeing students is unavailable. None from school cameras or cruiser cams. Why keep it from the public?

    1. Your question is nonsensical. Whether footage of an incident is available to the public is immaterial to the question of whether the incident occurred.

  2. Here is a photo of the “Photographer of the Year” Shannon Hicks posing the students as they were escorted out of Sandy Hook. This was supposedly photographed on November 12, 2012.

    This is the smoking gun. Compare the original photo which has been widely publicized to this staged photo and you can see clearly she had plenty of time to arrange the kids for the best shot. These people need to be in jail.


    Please post this photo

  3. What is truly funny to me is that no one is debating Columbine … yet there have been documenteries about the BS story known as Sandy Hook. What interests me is the HUGE amount of interest time and efferts spent to discredit those who are trying to find the truth. People aren’t stupid and anyone who looks into Sandy Hoax would quickly realize that 🙂

        1. Marc Watson walks just fine. He has never provided evidence of a disability except for one obviously doctored photo. No idea who he thinks he is kidding. If he was really disabled he’d simply prove it and put the better to rest. He isn’t disabled so he will NEVER provide the proof.

          Marc you should be ashamed of yourself. Disgusting behavior.

          1. I haven’t seen this letter, I wonder why? One would think someone who is innocent would make this freely available, yet you haven’t? Please link me to your TOTALLY REAL physician’s letter! I’m sure it’s not faked at all! That’s why it took you so long to provide it (if you actually have,) you probably typed it yourself. This is disgusting behavior Marc, do you not realize there are people out there that have real disabilities? You’re disgusting, phony disability faking THIEF.

  4. All this blog is filled with lies and bullshit!

    You lot really are pathetic! Haven’t you got better things to do with your time than making up rubbish and stealing people photographs off their Instagram accounts etc?

    Get a life!

  5. I want my name OFF this site immediately or you’ll be hearing from my lawyer! I posted ONE thing in that group and it was far from “nut job”.

  6. For those who believe in the government / media story re Sandy Hook: It appears to me that the government has not presented to us citizens any solid evidence. Please give me the best evidence that you’re aware of to indicate that the government story is correct. Thanks.

    1. The evidence is freely available and is overwhelming. You just simply claim it is all fake, based on nothing. A conspiracy like this would have to involve hundreds, if not thousands, and nothing has ever leaked? Unlike your fake disability that you’ve never provided evidence of. Do you rip off the government and claim you’re disabled, loser?

  7. The admin of this page ought to do a piece of ‘Side Thorn’ on Youtube aka Robert Ussery in real life from Texas.

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