Meet the Nutjobs: Carol Clarke

rabiesCarol Clarke is better known in nutjob circles as KafkaWinstonWorld. This woman is incurably bat-shit crazy. Her claim to fame is repeatedly getting banned by YouTube for uploading lies about Sandy Hook that sane people would neither upload nor view.

The sickness starts with her handle. She wants to invoke the hopelessness of Kafka and the police-state oppression of 1984, so it would make more sense to call herself either KafkaOrwellWorld or maybe JosefWinstonWorld, but consistency of thought isn’t a huge priority with crazy people. Her YouTube channel confirms her illness: Nazi chemtrails, vaccine paranoia, HAARP, the “police state”, 9/11 Truth, and — now this is original — cell phone frequencies. Apparently they’re harmful and stuff, since she finds herself forgetting things lately.

Now the disturbing part. Carol uses at least two addresses in her everyday life, one on Marchbanks Avenue in Anderson, SC. and one in nearby Elliott Circle.

Screenshot - 03012015 - 10:26:05 PM

Well how about that. What does Carol Clarke need to hide that compels her to use a nearby fake address? Or maybe she really does maintain both addresses, so she has an excuse to walk by the school, slipping into the girl’s locker room and stealing sweaty panties. Either way this sick bitch has no business anywhere near children.

Of course Carol could make her YouTube problems go away by refraining from uploading demented, sick shit about murdered children, but she lacks the sound judgment to do so. She’ll spiral further down the rabbit hole, cheered on by her equally insane subscribers. Until the dementia takes over and she gets lost on one of her walks and winds up in the woods where she is eaten by coyotes.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Nutjobs: Carol Clarke”

  1. What’s wrong with you? How disturbed and sick are you to stalk this lady and post her private information and defamatory, abject lies on the internet? There is something seriously wrong with you if all you can ever do is post word of hatred and lies.

  2. There are many studies that actually demonstrate that cell phones are very harmful to your health. the manufacturers even have to include a warning not to carry them close to you inside the packaging.

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