Stalky weirdo would give anything to be me


Not that it matters, but in case you’re trying to keep track: this is me on Google+. This is a fake me. This is a fake Wade, and so is this. This is a fake Keith, and I have no idea what this is supposed to be. Not sure if poor Tiffany M. realizes that 99% of the abuse gets comes from these sockpuppet accounts, run by her friends.

I have no plans to address any fake me accounts. I like them because they keep these dipshits occupied; if they’re fantasizing about me then they’re not harassing parents and gravestalking.

2 thoughts on “Stalky weirdo would give anything to be me”

  1. I went all the way back to the genisis of this gem of a website after skipping around all afternoon but I couldnt find one serious claim stating ths shooting was real besides namecalling and harassing anyone that thinks differently. I’ll be clear. I dont care either way. We are fuck period. I wouldnt be shocked to find out this was a conspiracy but there have been other much more important ones.

    I lost an older sibling and I can’t imagine using the this guy that doesn’t believe my kid/brother/wife/mom died looks like these 3 celebrities as a valid argument for anything. and this from a random camslut that makes a 2 liter of fanta disappear in the wink of the stink.

    If there was a conspiracy then this website is the cumtowel.

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