Maureen Crowley launches yet another petition; Mark Joyce suggests you sign it right now if you know what’s good for you

Walking yeast culture Maureen Crowley has started yet another Internet petition. History has shown that these never accomplish anything, but remember we’re not exactly dealing with deep thinkers here.

Mark Joyce, known to LAPD for his history of mental illness and issuing vague threats, threatens banishment to anyone who doesn’t hurry up and sign.

This doesn’t go over too well with at least one member. Out of nowhere, notorious dog lover (if you follow me, heh heh) William “Swilly” Lyden, chimes in with some hillbilly paranoia.

She’s 0.062% there already, so I suppose we government shills should just get used to the idea that we’re going to swing for our crimes. These intelligent, critically-thinking patriots will clearly have the last laugh.

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