Did Wolfgang Halbig really spend $100,000 on hookers and cocaine?

I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is that he’s raised about that much money in the past four years, yet was unable to afford legal representation on March 28, during which he got his fat ass kicked around a bit during a hearing in Pozner v. Halbig. Leonard Pozner, you will recall, is rightly suing Halbig for Halbig’s pattern of demented harassment.

I don’t think Pozner’s attorney needed to spend so much time objecting to the cameraman’s presence. We Are Change is a well-known 9/11 Truth organization, meaning it’s not legitimate journalism, but fair is fair: he was better behaved during the proceeding than the defendant was. In addition, Truthers of all types tend to make idiots themselves any time they open their mouths in court, so the more coverage of that insanity, the better.

The most amusing moments on the tape are the several minutes Halbig spends wondering out loud whether Pozner really is who he says he is, during which the judge patiently reminds him several times that since he answered Pozner’s complaint, he has forfeited any right to question Pozner’s standing. Toward the end he almost gets thrown out by the bailiff for mouthing off, which he avoids by whining an apology. Along the way he plays the “but I’m acting pro se” card several times; that is, uses stupidity as his excuse for failure to respond to Pozner’s discovery requests, which no doubt have him terrified and/or confused.

And who was there to lend moral support? None other than bankrupt drug addict Tony Mead, who managed the long drive from Hollywood without crippling any of his friends:

Tony, likewise, remains befuddled by the idea that a person could be known under multiple names.

Halbig has about a month to get his act together. He’s a little over 70 and morbidly obese, so a fatal heart attack is most likely in his future, but until that time I’m happy to watch him suffer humiliation in court. He deserves it.

11 thoughts on “Did Wolfgang Halbig really spend $100,000 on hookers and cocaine?”

  1. Are you a homophobe, Marc Watson? Seriously, when was the last time you got pussy? When you came out of your mom’s pussy when you were born? LMFAO!

    1. With comments like yours, do you believe anyone would take this site seriously? Doesn’t seem to have been put together by someone who has the best interests of children in mind. I am offended and will file a complaint about this rag. Your attitude and language are not acceptable. You are not doing any favors for your bud Pozner.

      1. Report it all you want, Roger. You strike me as another hoaxtard who thinks EVERYTHING is a hoax, and that nothing bad can EVER happen in this world, unless it’s a “false flag” or a “government conspiracy”. Barack Obama is no longer President, and a vast majority of the people in YOUR camp, as in the hoaxtards, by and large, are die hard Donald Trump supporters. Is Trump trying to take away your guns now too? By the way, people you’re affiliated with, as in the hoaxtards, have said a LOT worse vulgar things that are FAR, FAR, FAR more offensive than that. By being affiliated with them, that makes you guilty by association. So, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, bitch.

      2. By the way, Roger, Marc Watson, the guy you’re coming to the defense of and essentially white knighting for, was actually arrested, found guilty, AND convicted on child molesting charges in London, UK, and seeing the way Marc Watson often spoke about children online, I’m not even the least bit surprised that he turned out to be a pedophile. So, congrats on white knighting for a convicted child molester on here. Sounds like YOU don’t have the best interests of children in mind, you hoaxtard pedophile-defending loser.

  2. On the “Wolfgang W. Halbig” community page on Facebook, there is a woman Sandy Hook truther named Dixie Doodle who is SOOOOOOOO gullible and borderline mentally retarded and she literally believes pretty much EVERYTHING Wolfgang Halbig spouts from his fat mouth. She insists repeatedly Wolfgang is “honest, sincere, and NOT an insider”. Every single time I and other people on Facebook have provided several examples of Wolfgang being a dishonest fraud, either Wolfgang himself has silenced me and others by deleting our comments proving he’s a liar and a scam artist fraud, or she herself has brushed off what I and others have told her as lies, and have accused us of being “paid shills” and/or “in on it”. Honestly, she ought to empty out her entire bank account and send all her money to Wolfgang if she is THAT gullible to fall for his scams.

  3. No one showed up at Wolfgang’s house. When Wolfgang was asked REPEATEDLY to provide names of the officers who he CLAIMED showed up at his house to “harass” him and was given the chance ample times to provide proof, he never did. He is a phony and a liar, and you are a sheep if you believe that clown who just wants your money.

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