Robin Weigel probably cannot explain donations to gun control group

You remember Robin Weigel. He is the one-eyed psychopath variously known as HowISeeIt, HowISee Sandy Hook, HowISee The World, and possibly other YouTube handles. He spends his life peddling effeminate trinkets on eBay, making threatening phone calls to violent crime victims, and urging his viewers to stalk little girls. His family has a history of severe mental illness.

To those admirable traits, we can now add both “unemployed” and “blatant hypocrite”: he is a supporter of, the liberal activist group which has been outspoken in its support of gun control.


Since Robin has officially done more to take our guns away than most of the Sandy Hook parents have done, I’m sure he’ll immediately upload a video explaining this inconsistency. If he has any channels left.

4 thoughts on “Robin Weigel probably cannot explain donations to gun control group”

  1. Other nearby schools didnt have any listings of any sports events against sandy hook school at the time. It appears sandy hooks sports teams didn’t play any other schools.

  2. Interesting that this website focuses on discrediting people who question Sandy Hook instead of proving that it actually happened (which shouldn’t be hard to do without being a jerk)

    1. It’s been proved. The families don’t owe you or any other ignorant person any type of information or attention.

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