Meet the Nutjobs: Brenda Poland (updated)

For an example of Brenda’s intellectual powers, check out this important discovery:

polandNot sure what’s more amusing here: that Marc Watson, 1st Earl of Wankershire, thinks this might be an actress portraying little Alexis Wasik, or that Brenda finds it a revelation that people in news photos are sometimes models. Either way, Sandy Hook Truthers once again prove themselves too stupid to do extremely simple research:

stock-photo-conceptual-image-of-child-abuse-similar-available-in-my-portfolio-66196585We can confirm Brenda’s nutjob status by her involvement in the Tenther Movement. In case you’re not familiar with that, it’s another one of those groups that rejects what US law is and imagines that US law is actually something else if you just wish for it hard enough. Brian Roberts’ beloved (and fraudulent) Freedom Law School is a similar group. Always amusing to watch these morons stumble through their alternate-reality lives, achieving new depths of failure.

Update: Tiffany, bless her heart, is trying to show them. They just refuse to see it.


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