Meet the Nutjobs: Laurel Glaze

Laurel Glaze is… ugh. It’s easier if I just show you:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 08:49:22 PM

Laurel is another one those airheads favored by Tony Mead, posting almost daily in his Super Secret Stalker Group about false flags and Illuminati and Freemasons and the NWO and so on. Most of it isn’t all that interesting, honestly. Her Twitter profile reveals a little extra info:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:08:53 PM

The first four items on her list aren’t much to get worked up about, but then we get to “Anti-NWO”, which suggests we’re dealing with a crazy person. “Friend of of Bill W.” is a politically correct term for “recovering drunk”, another trait commonly seen with these lunatics. And judging from a few of her tweets we can say with confidence that, yes, Laurel Glaze is quite insane.

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:20 PM Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:19 PM

But, um, what’s this? Do ultra-conservative Christians really carry on secret online relationships with married men?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:41:12 PM

At first I didn’t even take this seriously, because these things are easy to fake. But I almost choked when I saw one of the comments. Where else but Tony’s group of undesirables can you find a baby killer losing his wife after sending phone money to a fellow lunatic?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:46:07 PM

Side note: in reality, Ted Cruz’s role in the 2000 recount was limited to delivering some papers across the street; Ted Olson was the lawyer who made Bush’s oral argument to the Supreme Court. Olson’s wife was killed on 9/11, but let’s not start down that rabbit hole please.

16 thoughts on “Meet the Nutjobs: Laurel Glaze”

  1. Tony seems to have a lot of dumb blondes in his life. I think he enjoys surrounding himself with people who make him feel superior.

  2. You may not find the first four things in her profile remarkable but strung in a row like that, I think it’s terrifying … and then add the other stuff … Shivers.

    And who the hell describes themselves as ‘hot’, especially when … they’re clearly not? Laurel Glazedeyes – Whackjob.

  3. And she blames me for the Homewrecker profile for not being able to obtain employment, I believe she has done a great job doing this herself. Enough said.

    1. Angie – if you need me to remove anything I’ve written here about Ryan, just say so. I imagine your life with him has been a rough enough ride already.

    2. Actually,your post on homewreckers is such an unfair hit job,on a very fine young woman. Your marraige was over it sounds like…and you blame her and publiclly humiliate her.
      God will judge you for that…you should,and WILL be ashamed of this one day.
      Google search brings up that foul article,so NO,it doesnt help an applicant,when prospective employers can see that kind of garbage out there. Imagine how it would feel if YOU got smeared like that. Your husband could have handled it better too,by paying to have that article removed. Oh,that might cost a bit more I guess…
      People need to stop destroying others….look inward at your own faults,and live in Peace.

  4. Gee, it’s as if you didn’t realize that everything you get in the news is an official conspiracy usually having little to do with the true nature of the events many of which are being staged to push agendas

    Do you believe a liar who tells you over and over he doesn’t lie. It’s the same for the MSM. Once you know they played a part in the false flag 911 event, there is no reason to believe any important news story taking their word for it. Most news ops clone their news from just a few very controlled sources

  5. This young lady is being publicly lynched…all for telling her opinion on the Truth.
    God forbid Christians should ever excercise THEIR Freedom of Speech. Our government LIES about what is going on…and God Himself will expose all the lies we are suffering under.
    Just wait…the Truth is coming…like a TRAIN .
    And that guy Ryan with the crazy wife should have been decent enough to get that post deleted on homewreckers. If he is truly a “friend”.

  6. Laurel is a fairly genuine person, struggling like we all do at one time or another…she has not wrecked anyones home or marriage.

  7. If there were more people like Laurel Glaze in the world it would be a much better place ! She has always been a very decent,moral, and ethical person that’s very genuine and sincere. She’s a 5 star person in my book !

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