Guy named Lenny pretty sure it’s OK to have “Lenny” on your birth certificate

It’s not really news anymore when Tony Mead does or says something stupid, but this was so stupid it made me smile:

Screenshot - 05012016 - 12:04:51 PM

Aging stoners Tony and Barb are adamant that nicknames never appear in official documents, but in reality it’s pretty common. In fact Tony was once sued under his own nickname. If this wasn’t a valid filing the court would have rejected it.


I agree that a birth certificate in any jurisdiction will almost certainly require the child’s full legal name, but you can’t argue that a document is invalid or fraudulent simply because it contains a shortened version of somebody’s name. That’s the typical wishful, simplistic, one-dimensional thinking Truthers of all types suffer from.

No clue what Mr. Pereira was suing Tony for, but most likely for some kind of damage to property. Tony still gets the shakes sometimes.

Side note: Swilly the Stalker usually obsesses about OCTOGON and dreams of feeding dead women to his dog Tia. Today he’s got Len Pozner on his mind. Go figure.

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