“Souls just make me think of all the people in these hoaxes that don’t have souls”

Tony Mead must really love vacuous looking blondes. His longtime girlfriend is one, his daughter is becoming one, and his Closed Secret Pedostalker Group contains dozens of them. Here’s one of his most recent mental concubines, a certain Margo Brann, with an amazing story to tell:


Um… what? I have no idea what she thinks she’s discovered here. Maybe a little peek into her life will help explain why she finds simple facts so difficult to process.

Screenshot - 04272016 - 05:44:49 PM

I guess the Center for Brain Training is this place, which claims it can cure brain injuries and concussions with the power of positive thinking.  Moondoogyredesign appears to cater to dog owners who enjoy stuffing their pets into cramped used furniture. And I gather that Whole Body Team Leader is a real position at Whole Foods, but that’s not my kind of place to shop, so I can’t even hazard a guess what that job entails.

Anyway, she’s another reality-denying idiot. Tony’s reaction to her discovery was his usual “oh yeah I already knew that already” script. Tony is well aware that sometimes young people die in accidents, but apparently all of those are fake except his nephew’s.


Then there are more laughs when certifiably insane psychopath Kelly Hunter interrupts the conversation with a very stupid question. Kelly will certainly be missing a soul when she lands in whatever circle of hell her type gets sent to.


The level of discourse doesn’t exactly improve as the conversation progresses, but it’s included here for completeness, as Margo really starts to find her voice and can’t resist taking a cheap shot at Noah Pozner. There’s not enough brain training in the world to fix this bitch.



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