Tony Mead’s pedostalker group implodes in critical mass of paranoia

This orgy of stupid happened a few days ago, but I’m just now getting to it. It starts with some paranoia from Ryan Ehlis:

Screenshot - 03242016 - 07_52_36 PM

Remember, “sound mind” Ryan Ehlis is the guy who shotgunned his infant daughter to death in 1999 and got off by blaming it on Adderall. Ryan then tried to cash in by suing the maker of Adderall, Shire Richwood, which was also unsuccessful. (Read paragraph 3 carefully; by my calculations, he took 23 doses on Day 10. I cannot conceive how he carries no responsibility for his own Adderall intoxication.)

When Ryan follows up with information about his encounter with the guys from Treasury, the Closed Group geniuses bristle with uninformed suspicion:

ehlis potato 1

Serial idiot Mark Joyce wants some answers from Ryan, and is very concerned about the sanctity of the group (which is hard for me to even type without laughing):

ehlis potato 2

The idiots ramble back and forth for a while, wondering what these guys wanted, why they were sent, why other people weren’t sent, why none of this makes sense, and what Ryan is up to.

And then, out of absolutely nowhere:

ehlis potato 3

Dee Dee Fredrickson is an extremely nasty, toxic bitch. She once got into it with Jermain Hawver as I recall, about… oh who the hell knows anymore.

Anyway, these idiots go at each others’ throats for a very long time, half of them arguing that since Ryan was acquitted it’s a moot point (which is true) and the other half insisting that a horrible injustice was done by letting him get off (which is also true). This continues until Tony shows up to start booting people. Tony seems to understand that everybody thinks about killing their baby daughter sometimes.

ehlis potato 4

The entire spectacle is here. It’s really worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Tony Mead’s pedostalker group implodes in critical mass of paranoia”

  1. Whoa whoa whoa…why dafuq was my name drug into this conversation? Thinking…


    My gawd did they catalog any comment I’ve ever made anywhere and store them on some Google drive with public access permissions?So everyone can view it, simply with a link.

    That would be retarded. They would never do that.

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