Fetzer’s PayPal account, HowISeeIt’s eBay account, and Tracy’s checking account

A few developments worth a mention.

Like others before him, senile Holocaust-denying psychopath James Fetzer has had his PayPal account terminated. Kudos to PayPal for refusing to participate in conspiracy profiteering. Laugh at Fetzer while you can; he’s 75 and deteriorating quickly.

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The mystery of how HowISeeIt, also known as failed screenwriter and permanent Hollywood outsider Robin Weigel, supports himself has been solved: he peddles old junk through his eBay store.  You won’t find any iPods or impact wrenches here. Most of this stuff would be right at home on Liberace’s piano.

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And finally, disgraced unemployed lunatic scumbag professor James Tracy will have to dip into whatever’s left of his own money, having raised scarcely 20% of what he was seeking to cover his legal action against FAU. Tracy claims that he “very much” wants his old job back, so it’s impossible to tell what he was thinking by firing his union attorney and hiring this clown instead.

Thanks to those who submitted these tips. You know who you are.

2 thoughts on “Fetzer’s PayPal account, HowISeeIt’s eBay account, and Tracy’s checking account”

  1. Aww. Let me guess. You’re one of James Tracy’s AND Jim Fetzer’s butt buddies white knighting for them to defend them? When you do a 3-some with them, does Fetzer need Viagra to get it up with you and James Tracy?

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