Sandy Hook Truthers demand sweeping, immediate changes to reality in umpteenth Internet petition

Most normal people realize that Internet petitions are ineffective. Because they’re easy to set up and sign, they remain popular among the intellectually lazy. So it’s hardly a surprise that some new kook has come along to give it a shot. If nothing else, this guy deserves credit for blowing Halbig’s notorious 16 questions out of the water with his own list of 51.

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:17:33 PM

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:21:02 PM

Oh wait, better make that 50 questions. I guess the first thing we can laugh at is this fellow being too stupid to count. Next up would be the execrable grammar and disorganized thinking in his request — these are classic markers of low intelligence and mental illness. The list itself is the usual re-hash of irrelevant trivia, half-truths and outright lies that these weirdos deal in.

It’s hard to be certain, but it appears that the originator of the petition, one Richard Carlisle, may also be the owner / operator of extremely shady looking financial website, which charges only $37 a month for the privilege of reading some random layman’s opinions about trading:

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:29:44 PMScreenshot - 03202016 - 03:30:00 PM

Not sure I’d pay that kind of money to a guy who can’t even count to 50.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Truthers demand sweeping, immediate changes to reality in umpteenth Internet petition”

  1. he cant count to 51 and he is petitioning the people he believespulled a hoax to “expose it” . what a total loser knob.

  2. Look at his #25. He is hoping to chase down children. Not surprised considering he looks very creepy. They should do a search warrant on him.

    25_Where are even one of these kids now?

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