Meet the Nutjobs: Robin Weigel

A YouTube crazy calling himself HowISeeIt runs a channel which is your generic fever swamp of demented Internet paranoia. Like many of his type, this fellow goes through life with a raging boner for Lenny Pozner. You don’t need to sit through the whole thing to get an idea of how nuts this guy is.

HowISeeIt makes no effort whatsoever to safeguard his identity. Maybe he should be calling himself HowICan’tSeeItOutOfMyRightEye. A small amount of research is all that’s required to figure out that Mr. SeeIt is in fact one Robin Weigel, of Los Angeles, California.

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Judging from his Facebook likes, this is one hopelessly confused individual.

Robin C. Weigel _ Facebook

If I had to describe Weigel’s belief set, I’d be at a loss. His videos decry Obama’s war on the Second Amendment, yet he opposes the First Amendment by supporting the ban of websites that bother him. Extreme left-wing views sit comfortably with extreme right-wing views in his damaged brain.

Weigel bills himself as a screenwriter, though his name comes up in connection with no production or published work that I was able to find, after checking IMDB and the US Copyright Office. Mid 50’s is a little old to still be playing the aspiring-writer game, but hey, it’s a free country.

8 thoughts on “Meet the Nutjobs: Robin Weigel”

  1. Man, I just want to tell you to keep up the good work. The first time I heard of Sandy Hook Truth was a news report about people cruelly harassing Gene Rosen. I went online to look and was surprised there’s actually a ton of people doing this shit. I ran into a post that showed that Pozner guy naively submitting to their bullshit, providing documents and verifiable evidence that his son existed and was murdered. The response was something along the lines of “we’d accept your evidence that your son was murdered, but only if we already believe your son was murdered.” Basically admitting that no evidence would suffice and they’re too dedicated to the lie to give up now.

    I’m not big on most conspiracy theories but there are couple that make sense to me, or at least seem plausible. This one is unbelievably stupid, from the alleged motive to the presented evidence (which is almost always misunderstood facts and meaningless innuendo.

    I love that there are people like you dedicated to exposing these mentally ill freaks. Normally I would pity them and not speak unkindly of them, but they’re actively harassing people who’ve already been thrown the worst things imaginable. These Hoaxers are scum. Cruel, evil scum.

    Show no mercy.

  2. I am a friend of Robin’s while I do not support these views of his on the mass shootings, terror attacks and etc etc etc. And we do not discuss it sense his beliefs are what they are.

    I do know him as a loving and compassionate person, who does have a great sense of humor, will do anything to help a friend out.

    His posts only show one side of him, he is not a bad person or an evil person. He is just a person who has fallen for all these false ideas.

      1. yes, I saw that when I went through his video channel. I am removing my comment.

        Cant be friends with him…sad I have known him for over 25 years.

    1. I would like this comment removed. Now that I have seen some of the stuff on his youtube. I just can’t defend him or even be his friend.

      He has gone full nutter.

      1. Do not feel bad for your original comment. I have a ton of respect for you for coming back and taking a stand as you have done, after learning more about his online activities. I truly applaud you my friend.

    2. Hi DTObin. Can you explain any info on why you think he has fallen down this rabbit hole of craziness?
      Lately he has become more and more angry sounding and rants at the murdered children and grieving parents in manchester, and thinks a car attack in the middle of Times Square at midday in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses can be faked.
      What can have triggered such madness?
      I’m suspecting initially because he has tried to be a writer and never achieved success and relies on ebay sales for a living. Many people who fail often can’t bring themselves to accept they have faults or lack of talent and effect change or undertake training for improvements in themselves and their skills.
      Instead their ego makes them seek external causes, someone else to blame, a hidden organisation or secretive forces holding them back. Taking a few substances recreationally tips some people full paranoid and over the rabbit hole edge. Do you think it may be a side effect of his HIV status too that he hints at? Would be interested to hear any insights .

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