Agent19 accuses Lenny Pozner of time travel (updated)

Update: In an effort to erase his mistake, Agent19 has changed his handle to Agent642. Devious. was a low-budget porn site circa 2002 – 2003. The domain subsequently changed hands several times, hosting nothing but parking pages, until Len Pozner acquired it in 2014.

Confused? Me neither. Agent19 is struggling with it though.

I invited Agent19 to present evidence that was a porn site under Pozner’s watch, and he responded with this:

Screenshot - 03032016 - 08:51:31 AM

Sandy Hook Truthers are normally obsessed with timestamps, so it’s a little hard to figure out what Agent19 is thinking here. He apparently believes Len Pozner acquired in 2014, secretly traveled back to 2002 to host porn on it, then returned to the present (probably to kill Sarah Connor). Then again, Sandy Hook Truthers tend to overlap with Holocaust deniers and flat-earthers, so this is hardly the weirdest thing we’ve seen come out of them.

2 thoughts on “Agent19 accuses Lenny Pozner of time travel (updated)”

  1. Of course Pozner owed that site under that name! The evidence is everywhere!

    Wouldn’t expect less from a group of child abusing, hoax perpetuating sickos like you lot!

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