The only thing more absurd than Marc Watson is Marc Watson plus a couple of his friends

separated at birth

Marc Watson, the Sandy Hook Truther so vile that even Swan Song told him to chill the hell out, recently showed up at the venerable Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright Facebook page looking for a fight:


Marc is more or less the Luton village idiot and his reputation can’t possibly be damaged. This isn’t the first time he’s shown up talking smack at SHHANB either, and those folks aren’t especially interested in his latest tirade:


When Marc gets a taste of his own medicine, two of his bumbling friends materialize to defend him, and the whole episode takes on a bizarre Monty Python flavor:




Deformation of character, eh? So much for Britons and their superior grammar. Coleen and David then both disappear rather abruptly after SHHANB shares one of Marc’s harassing tweets.

Marc’s an easy target. I’m not going to poke fun at his (alleged) disability. I’m not going to point out that driving around in a scooter with only a receipt in the basket makes absolutely no sense. I’m just going to invite you to read about how individuals with cerebral palsy tend to suffer from intellectual disabilities and other mental illnesses, and also to enjoy the entire thread. The most tragic thing about Marc Watson is that he’s roaming free to damage himself and others, when his caretakers should clearly be confining him to a padded room.

36 thoughts on “The only thing more absurd than Marc Watson is Marc Watson plus a couple of his friends”

  1. Mark…

    What dafuq are you talking about…you make no sense. When you do make sense it is so foul I wish it didn’t make sense. Make sense?

    Do you want attention from me…well you aren’t going to get it. You’re just to gross and pathetic.

    You’re Welcome,

    1. Marc, you are not disabled and it is obvious that guy is not homeless. You’re such a retarded lying sack of shit.

        1. Marc, that “scooter” of yours is obviously a fiberglass prop. Either prove you’re disabled, with a signed physician’s letter, or admit you’re a DLA scammer.

          1. The msm report Marc posted is also suspect; who trusts the msm these days? I believe he’s a contract Social Justice Actor, a liar and fake.

          2. I’ve already provided it!
            Why don’t you provide proof that Adam NO MOTIVE Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

  2. I believe him. I believe hes disabled. I believe he is very disabled. If he werent…that just means hes not diagnosed yet.

    Ya happy now Marc . i completely agree with the fact that youre disabled.

  3. Marc Watson recently whined and complained like a butthurt Nancy boy after the admin in charge of the ‘Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright’ page JOKINGLY accused Marc of faking his disability (in an attempt to show SH hoaxers how it feels to be accused of lying about something without sufficient proof, which obviously failed MISERABLY since this concept went WAY over Marc’s head and over his fellow SH hoaxers’ heads as well), and Marc and his fellow SH hoaxers actually went as far as to threaten to sue the admin on that page in court for slander (even though slander is SPOKEN lies about an individual, while written lies are called LIBEL, meaning these dumbasses don’t even understand proper legal terms), yet other SH hoaxers have ZERO qualms about accusing Lenny Pozner of owning an illegal porn site in the HONR forum group without sufficient proof. These moronic SH hoaxers are such fucking two-faced hypocrites to the nth degree.

    1. Jokingly my arse!
      And it was my friend who threatened to call the authorities! Personally my cousin and I were laughing at you braindead hicks!

  4. Wah, wah, wah, Marc. Cry me a fucking river. You’re a CLASSIC example of a crybaby hoaxer who can dish it out, but can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot. Other hoaxers have had NO problem accusing the HONR forum group admins of owning an illegal teen porn site without any sufficient proof, among other FALSE accusations they have made without sufficient proof, but then when the same thing is done back to SH hoaxers by accusing one of them of faking a disability, they scream and yell and cry foul and act like butthurt Nancy boys. By the way, I REALLY have a disability, as in autism, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), possible mild bipolar disorder (though not confirmed), etc., but you don’t hear ME pulling the sympathy card all the time and whining, “Oh, poor me. I have a disability, and I can do whatever I want and not expect to be held accountable” all the and asking for special treatment.

      1. Oh, so, in other words, it’s perfectly fine and dandy for YOU to accuse someone of faking having a disability, but not if someone else does that to you? I see. You give yourself a free pass for doing exactly the same thing you get pissed off at other people for doing to you, you hypocrite.

  5. Show me proof of YOUR disability(ies) first. I have a youtube channel, a Facebook page, and plenty of other sources of proof of my autism. I’m 31 years old, and will be 32 this May 2016, and I was diagnosed with autism when I was 7 years old on Friday, September 6, 1991 by a visual therapist named Dr. Melvin Kaplan. I currently work at Boca Habilitation Center in Boca Raton, Florida, US, and I’ve been working there since the beginning of August 2013 to the present, a place for adults with disabilities that was originally founded in 1978. Regardless of who REALLY has a disability and who doesn’t, that’s beside the point. The main point is, you’ve been acting so vile lately, even Swansong on the ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ page, one of your own fellow Sandy Hook hoaxers, has told you to chill the hell out.

      1. Judging by your ignorant comments, Marc, I’m beginning to think your disability isn’t only physical, but mental as well.

  6. You contradict yourself all the time, Marc. So, you’re not one to talk. No go back to fucking your cousin. Oh, wait. You can still have sex, right? You’re not in a wheelchair after all and you’re not completely paralyzed from the neck down, right? Lmfao!

    1. Lol, Marc’s “disability” is whatever he needs it to be at whatever moment. Today he’s confined to a mobility scooter, tomorrow he’ll be jumping over people to administer CPR. And his sick, inbred family enables his fraud.

  7. So, you claim he hasn’t. It’s funny that you lot have NO problem spreading false rumors about other people. Your ilk spreads lies about people all the time, such as the parents of the SH victims and others as well. Your ilk has also accused Gene Rosen of being a pedophile, without sufficient proof or evidence, and yet, when rumors are done to you, you get all emotional and butthurt. How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot, bitch?

    1. Marc and I have never called Rosen a paedophile. A liar, yes, because he is!

      And I’m not a dog you idiot!

  8. I didn’t say you are a dog. The word ‘bitch’ obviously has more than one meaning, you idiot. You and your inbred cousin have got to be possibly the 2 dumbest people I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Seriously, I’ve been to a place called ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), and those 40-50+ year-old clients with mental retardation living in group homes for possibly the rest of their lives, even THEY are smarter than you 2 and even THEY have higher IQs than both of you morons.

  9. You 2 inbred morons can keep high fiving yourselves all you want. Just remember, NOTHING is real to either of you. Maybe YOU aren’t real either, but a mirage, lmfao!

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