James Tracy’s attempt at intimidation goes severely pear-shaped

By now, professor James Tracy has made international headlines as Florida Atlantic University moves to terminate him for his decidedly un-professorial behavior. Most media outlets reporting on the matter have referred to Tracy’s alleged certified letter in which he demands proof from Len Pozner that he is Noah’s father. With Mr. Pozner’s permission, that letter is reproduced here.



I have reason to doubt the good faith nature of Tracy’s demands. As a professor of media, surely he knows that a “licensed forensic expert” cannot provide an opinion about legal ownership of an image — that’s a job for a copyright attorney. These pseudo-legalistic demands, sent by registered mail, were clearly not meant to be answered. They were not calculated to unveil the truth. They were intended solely to cause pain and embarrassment to Len and Veronique Pozner. That, by any reasoning, is harassment.


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