Federal contractor Rick Shaddock shows interest in domestic terrorist group

Now here’s a name that hasn’t come up in a while: Rick Shaddock. This distinguished 9/11 Truther is known for many things, among them his proof of controlled demolition using eggs.

Rick is also the owner of CICorporation (or maybe it’s called Creative Intelligence; the website doesn’t seem too sure itself), a computer consulting firm in D.C. that boasts a fair number of federal clients, such as NASA, the EPA, and the U.S. Navy.  And Rick makes no secret of his 9/11 interests on his personal page.

I had to laugh a bit at Rick’s security practices on that page, however:

Screenshot - 12082015 - 10:25:53 PM

In case you don’t read Javascript, that function tries to password protect the page, after it’s already loaded, using a cleartext password of “happy”. Maybe Rick also set up the OPM’s security.

Rick’s most recent involvement in the 9/11 Truth movement that I remember was a project to raise $5,000 for a new investigation of some alleged WTC dust samples, looking for Steven Jones’ mysterious thermite traces. Last I heard the project had been been fully funded, which is unusual as these things go, but nothing tangible had come of it, which is typical.

At any rate, some members of the 9/11 Truth movement were uneasy with Rick’s involvement in the study, seeing as how his judgment might be compromised what with all that federal money he collects. So I’m really curious how the Sandy Hook Truthers are going to react to this clown showing up on the scene:


Since he’s a rare Truther who can actually generate revenue, I’m sure he’ll be tapped for fundraising. Beyond that who the hell knows what to expect? You cannot reliably predict insane people.

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