You could start by checking yourself into a mental hospital

Valium-popping weirdo Marc Watson, having apparently alienated some friends with his ridiculous beliefs about Sandy Hook the San Bernardino shooting, seeks advice:

Screenshot - 12072015 - 08:24:23 PM

The group he refers to here is Britain First. Without getting into the pros or cons of the group itself, suffice to say it’s one of those outfits that advocates reasonable ideas like limits on immigration and preservation of heritage but tends to attract more than its share of paranoid and naïve individuals. Whatever the political views of Marc’s friends, they seem like reasonable enough people here, staring incredulously at Marc as he preaches his insane gospel. And while I don’t know what capacity Ms. Percivaldi serves in Britain First, it’s a safe bet that she won’t appreciate being associated with a known mentally unstable fellow like Marc, given his history of abusive statements about the Sandy Hook victims. The group certainly doesn’t need any more controversy.

Asking a bunch of pedostalkers for advice on a delicate matter is never a good idea, so God only knows what the hell Marc was thinking when he came with this question. The only answer he got was this one:

Screenshot - 12072015 - 10:30:09 PM

Yes, and then have them read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Dianetics. Screw ’em if they can’t take the truth.

15 thoughts on “You could start by checking yourself into a mental hospital”

    1. Has it not occurred to you to ask why I had the picture of those tablets?
      I’d just had leg surgery and was given them to control spasms; I no longer have to take them.
      It was several years ago!

      Then again you have never been interested in facts, just spreading lies and nonsense!

          1. You’re not American. Therefore, you have no conceivable interest in the truth about Sandy Hook. You just like staring at pics of little kids because you’re a perverted sister-boy.

      1. You got a problem with me defending Marc?
        You don’t know anything about us and you’re sick to suggest he’s not disabled.

        1. After a lengthy discussion with Marc, it’s clear that this “Lucy” person you two keep referring to never existed. She has no surname; she has no parents; she has no place of residence; and she supposedly died at a gymnastics tournament at which NOBODY took photos of ANYTHING, including her collapse and your supposed grief caused thereby.

          You two are welcome to continue participating here, but you’re not fooling anybody with your pathetic lies.

          1. Do you really expect us to be taking pictures of our friend while a resuscitation attempt is being made? That’s sick!
            We were all too upset to even comprehend what was happening!

          2. There are no photos of the supposed tournament, anywhere, at all. And no photos of “Lucy’s” grieving parents in the days afterward either. Marc wasn’t able to explain why.

  1. Arie,
    There are no photos of Lucy’s parents after the incident because they asked to be left alone to grieve!
    Unlike Sandy Hook parents……..

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