Fugitive from justice recently seen with Tony Mead. Just saying.

Spoiled asshole rich kid Jonathan Reich was one of the very first Sandy Hook Truthers, and if I’m not mistaken, he was the first one dumb enough to get arrested. Now he’s topped that achievement by ditching his most recent court date.

Screenshot - 12062015 - 11:27:07 AM

He had a pretty good deal going — pretrial diversion in lieu of a conviction — so I can only assume something or someone has convinced him to clear his name at all costs. Jonathan is, after all, known to associate with some pretty shady characters.

Screenshot - 12062015 - 11:03:16 AM

Tony, if you’re reading this: Jonathan listens to you. You know how to contact him. You have a chance to do something decent here, for once in your wasted life. It won’t restore your reputation or save you from burning in Hell, but it’s not like you can sink any lower, so why not give it a try?

One thought on “Fugitive from justice recently seen with Tony Mead. Just saying.”

  1. I was part of a conspiracy myself that involved tony mead. We’ve been putting motor oil and acid in all toothpaste sent to his local stores in order to make him look like a stupid, disgusting redneck alcoholic. Mission accomplished!

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