Swan Song has faith in the CSP report, as long as those goddamn dead women learn their place

NB: Use caution when visiting Insanemedia. Swan Song is known to track IP addresses of visitors. God only knows what he’s doing with that info.

Insanemedia, one of the older Sandy Hook Troofer sites, has been on steady decline since Swan Song took over. Swan isn’t so much insane as he is just plain stupid, which reduces his comedy value dramatically. And he doesn’t update the site that often anymore either, opting instead to spend his days cooped up in the all-male Ottawa whorehouse where he lives and works.

But sometimes his tendency to attack the defenseless makes for interesting reading. Consider this article from last year, in which he takes Lauren Rousseau’s father to task over irrelevant details, with its undertone of disgust for both the father and the (female) victims. His recent series mocking Carlee Soto’s iconic grief photo is equally boorish. He agrees that Vicki Soto died, but for some reason he’s not too sure about Carlee Soto’s grief.


Oh, hilarious.

Swan was recently kind enough to share with me why he hates the Soto women so much. Or rather, he tried to explain it. He’s not exactly sure himself.

Screenshot - 12012015 - 11:27:49 PM

He’s referring here to Victoria Soto, and specifically to reports that she put herself between Adam Lanza and her students, reports which have been called into doubt by the CSP report. The stupidity of criticizing a woman for her “complete lack of action” before an armed psychopath took her by surprise is bad enough. But, simultaneously, Swan is also pissed off about that questionable “hero” designation, because it’s making people donate money who would otherwise not donate money. And Swan, uh, cares about those people. Or something. Like I said, his objections aren’t exactly well formed.

The more interesting thing that emerged, after some manipulation, was this passionate defense of the CSP report’s accuracy:

Screenshot - 12012015 - 11:37:30 PM

It’s pretty remarkable that these fuckwads suddenly can recognize that early reports are less accurate than later reports when they feel like it.

While there’s academic value in discussing what most likely did or did not happen in Victoria Soto’s room, none of it changes our understanding of 12/14/12 in any material way. It’s unimportant trivia. The Soto and Rousseau families have a perfect right to remember their daughters in any light they wish, and no rational person would object to the presentation of either one as a hero. Not based on how they died, and certainly not based on how they are remembered. Swan Song’s contempt for remarkable women is just as pathetic as his journalism. He lacks the credentials to ask the questions he’s asking, and a legitimate journalist with those credentials would have judgment enough not to ask them at all.

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