Paris – Sandy Hook connection unraveled by pink flamingo poster

The  drug addicted pedophiles at Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Group have been finding it more and more difficult to focus on Sandy Hook itself, what with all these other gun grab false flags going on. But check out this bombshell info:

confused 1

You might remember gifted critical thinker Kelly A. Hunter for her death threats against Chris Mintz. Now she has managed to connect the Paris attacks (which she thinks didn’t happen) with Vicki Soto (who she thinks didn’t exist) via a band poster for a metal band (which isn’t a metal band).

The rest of the comments in the thread are the usual drooling stupidity (tire of it at your leisure), though one is noteworthy:

Screenshot - 11292015 - 11:55:44 AM

Canadian pseudo-journalist Craven Moorehead can’t resist taking one more (misspelled) cheap shot at a murdered woman’s grieving sister. It’s time to put him in the same Woman-Hating Pussy category as Swilly and Chris Unsoeld. There is no other explanation for creating an image like this.

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