Wolfgang Halbig finding it more difficult than expected to shed that Nazi image

Anybody following Halbig knows he does not appreciate being painted as the “Hitler of CT” (Connecticut? ConspiraTards? Either one will do here). His broken English, his delusional paranoia, his association with antisemitic lunatics James Fetzer and James Tracy, and his obsession with performing medical experiments on Jewish children unmistakably call Nazis to mind. And his latest Facebook friend Ron Elston isn’t helping either:

Wolfgang Halbig - Thank you Zero for trusting me as we simply seek...

Anybody who’s recommending The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is presumptively insane, but Elston removes all remaining doubt. I thought Kelley Watt was the only one who found a clue on the “Hoax Sprung” name, but there you are. Mentally healthy people do not reject empirical data in favor of word games.

Halbig isn’t likely to fix his image anytime soon. There is an undercurrent of almost mystical antisemitism among Sandy Hook Truthers, and it’s strong enough that this kind of thing keeps showing up. Maybe he can use some of that donation cash to hire a PR firm.

One thought on “Wolfgang Halbig finding it more difficult than expected to shed that Nazi image”

  1. You’ve done a great job in disproving hoaxer assertions, and I’m sure have convinced many people. You’re not going to convince everyone though. Perceived hoaxes attract many of the gullible, the intellectually challenged, and the psychologically unstable, plus the people like Jones and Fetzer who make their livings pandering to them.

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