Wolfgang Halbig’s work here is finished

In an unusually rational move, Wolfgang Halbig declares that he is suspending his investigation:


I personally don’t buy a word of this. If Kathy Halbig got harassing emails at work, they were almost certainly sent by Halbig himself, or maybe by Tony Mead at Halbig’s behest. “The ducks make it seem funny but when you specially prepare them for my grandchildren and then give me a warning it must be true” is funny all by itself. And if Halbig didn’t want to loose his wife of 39 years, of course, he probably wouldn’t have gone screwing an old girlfriend a few years ago. But anyway, let’s laugh some of the reactions from the Closed Group Cult:


Roller-skating weirdo A.J. Drew is lying through is teeth. Every single one of these drooling shitbrains has been convinced that the case was one discovery away from blowing wide open. Diane Jakopovic and Kathleen Feeney still cannot register what Halbig is, after he’s burned through all of their donations and wound up in the red.


Er, doing what on his own? Sinking into psychosis? Spending his pension? Destroying his family and health? Inflicting pain on innocent people? Yeah, he’s doing those, all right. He’s accomplished nothing else. It will be interesting to watch how the Sandy Hook Truth Movement fills its leadership vacuum. They’ll no doubt get exactly the leader they deserve.

6 thoughts on “Wolfgang Halbig’s work here is finished”

  1. his wife working at the school district offices “yesterday” on sunday shows either unusual dedication, or wolf is a piece of shit liar

  2. Wolfie the fraudster is playing the “poor me” card in hopes of obtaining donation money to fight the earlier judgement against him.

  3. He’s only suspending his investigations, he’s not discontinuing them. He is making a concession to his wife, whose income he’s eating as fast as she can earn it.

  4. It is almost impossible to get justice in today’s court system. Most of them are corrupt brainwashed inbred morons who will go along with the govt just to protect their cushy jobs, their over inflated salaries, and their hoped for pensions. Most of them are the psychopaths you hated in high school and college just because of the way they were. There are very few exceptions to this scenario. They are nothing more than blood sucking vampires, and someone once wrote a book explaining the only 2 ways to rid yourselves of them…wooden stakes and/or silver bullets. Whenever you go into court, the fix is already in. The latest arsehole Wolfgang appeared before last week showed that. BTW, how is Leutenant “What Blood” Vance doing down in the traffic dept. ? Still looking over his shoulder , is he ? Just like the rest of them, that know too much. Dead men tell no tales if they suddenly grow a conscience. In the meantime, I’m investigating in rope factories for when the critical mass of brainwashed sheeple wake up.

    1. Hey spellchecker, I typed “investing”, not “investigating”. I’m investing in rope factories because we are going to need a hell of a lot of it to hang all these traitors soon. We will see how smug their facial expressions are when they are doing a dance at the end of a rope.

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