Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?

Nicholas Bunt, one of the greatest minds in the world today, has a breakthrough idea:


What possible interest a Swede could have in American firearm politics is left unexplained. Also unexplained is why Nicholas thinks they need $1 million, and how this could possibly succeed, since previous fundraising efforts topped out at about $25,000 (all of which is now owed to C.W. Wade).

At any rate, child murderer Ryan Ehlis is in favor:


As are drooling morons Disa and Tonya (neither of whom notice that at a $10 maximum, they will need to find 100,000 donors):


Halfassed artist Mark Joyce regurgitates an old bad idea, with encouragement from paranoid stalker Swilly:


As often happens, it is cross-eyed predator Jermain who manages to top all the previous stupidity:


They never do figure out exactly what they’re suing for, though Swilly suggests “duress”, which doesn’t make much sense. Normally functioning minds learn from failure, but not these jokers.

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