Hoax-exposing patriot Joe Jones fails to recognize hoax (updated x 2)

In case you’re not familiar with Joe Jones (AKA joejinky), he’s the guy who bought himself 15 minutes of fame last summer when he offered $25,000 for “irrefutable evidence” that Sandy Hook actually happened. C.W. Wade wasted no time proving the offer was fraudulent, while the rest of the Internet watched Joe in general bemusement. Since then we’ve learned that any money Joe has is via his parents, who were apparently rather well-off, while Joe himself peddles crap at flea markets. (Joe had better hope Cameron Diaz, Clint Eastwood and the estate of Charles Schultz don’t browse his photostream; he could find himself in a bit of trouble next time he rides to California.)

Anyway, he’s a standard nutjob Truther, seeing hoaxes where they don’t exist. He also fails to see hoaxes where they do exist. (Update: he did pull the video, as predicted. This is my copy. I don’t want anybody to miss out.)

A two-second Google search is all it takes to discover that this story is fake; the origin appears to be spoof site nbc.com.co, which is not NBC, and Obama has attempted to impose no such rule. It’s true that some media outlets and law enforcement organizations are adopting a policy of not naming mass shooting perpetrators, but that’s by their own choice.

Kinky Joe will eventually figure out that he’s screwed up and pull the video, but I saved a copy for personal use. Watching this guy prove himself stupid never gets old.

Update #2: Joe follows this up with a rambling video explaining that even though it’s a spoof (which he knew all along, ha ha), what really upsets him is that so many people believe the spoof, which makes it real, because it could maybe be real, and, and… actually I have no idea what his point is. See if you can figure out what the hell he’s saying.

One thought on “Hoax-exposing patriot Joe Jones fails to recognize hoax (updated x 2)”

  1. Let’s hope these hoaxtards don’t take Dan Bidondi’s advise and go “1776” over a Hoax article. These hoaxers need help. Lots of help.

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