“I want to stab Chris and make him have some wounds we can really see”

Kelly A. Hunter, who has been one of the Closed Group’s most prolific loudmouths, is a crazy disgusting bitch. I’ll just let her tell you about it.


Gosh, she sounds really angry.  I wonder why she’s so worked up?


Oh, because her brother’s baby mama is at the center of it, that’s why. (+100 irony points for calling another person “nutty”.) Well surely Kelly wouldn’t go stalking her. Would she?


Well I can’t say that comes as a surprise.  (+500 irony points for calling other people “not normal”.) So, um, how did the conversation go?


Whew. Not sure whether Marco Island PD or Collier County Sheriff has jurisdiction here, but law enforcement is officially on notice of Kelly’s direct threat against Roseburg survivor Chris Mintz. I hope you guys bag her before she hurts somebody.

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