Swan Song is going to be a real journalist one day when he learns how to read

Swan Song (Craven S. Moorehead), the administrator and driving intellectual force behind phishing website Insanemedia, has journalistic aspirations. To see why he will never achieve them, take a look at this bit of stupidity he recently spouted off in the Closed Group:

Screenshot - 09172015 - 02:54:15 PM

Swan is talking about this article, and specifically this quote:

“A lot of these children’s injuries were not immediately lethal,” Dr. William A. Billups, a surgeon at Anderson and Rush said. “The reason they died is because they bled out.”

Swan is such a fucking idiot, he conflates the name of the group conducting the study (“Hartford Consensus Group”) with the idea that there is a medical consensus that the children bled out, and then invents an additional fact that the first responders where there when it all happened. None of that is supported by the article.

If Swan was a competent investigator, he would have additionally come across this report from the Consensus Group’s parent organization, the American College of Surgeons, which states that the fatal injuries were not survivable (page 30):Screenshot - 09172015 - 03:05:58 PM

A reasonable, mentally healthy person will see that these two statements are not conflicting. All other things being equal, a person who is bleeding to death will not die if the bleeding is stopped in time. It is not difficult to imagine that small bodies with large wounds could bleed to death several minutes before emergency responders are able to arrive. Unless you’re Swan Song or somebody equally stupid.

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