“We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” fails to turn tide

The so-called documentary “We Need To Stalk Talk About Sandy Hook”, released in December, was going to be blow the lid off the hoax once and for all. Its excellent production values and compelling narrative were going to leave no room for doubt. It was the video anyone could use to finally wake the sleeping sheep in their family. Of course you remember all that. So what kind of impact has it had?

None. Any reasonably competent critical thinker could have foreseen this outcome. The Truthers not only did not see it coming, they do not grasp it now that it’s here.

On a somewhat related note, obese underachieving weirdo and obsessive re-uploader Brian D. Roberts recently called into the Alex Jones show to call out some of his enemies, but only got Keith’s name out before Alex shut him down. And he’s apparently still pissed off at me for something. If you’re so crazy that Alex Jones won’t even listen to you then you seriously need to check yourself in somewhere.

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