Mentally ill butterface Maeve Cohen ignites homosexuality debate in Closed Group

NB: This article is about Maeve Cohen of Vermont, USA, who is a sick lunatic. It is not about Maeve Cohen at the University of Manchester. 

This is again WDBJ-related, not Sandy Hook-related, but since it’s the same herd of idiot sheep I’ll pass it along anyway. Maeve is a relative newcomer in the Closed Group, but this insane bitch has a mouth a mile wide.

Screenshot - 08302015 - 08:53:13 PM

How she presumes to know that Chris Hurst is gay, she does not explain. And her “white hot” quote is an outright lie — Hurst has said that he and Alison Parker had a white hot love for each other, never mentioning their sex life. I suppose a drugged-out old hippie psycho like Maeve must have sex on the mind constantly, taking whatever she can purchase from Craigslist.

But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is the reaction she gets when she expresses her support of gay people. The Gifted Critical Thinkers of the Sandy Hook Hoax Group do not appreciate the Obama Administration’s agenda against heterosexuality.

Screenshot - 08302015 - 09:02:43 PM


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The rest of the thread is here. Screwball infighting at its most entertaining.


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