The Closed Group Cult could just shit themselves they’re so angry

By now Lyricalorion’s change of heart about Sandy Hook is well-known.  In her video, she makes a point I’ve made in the past: that for some people, an awakening (overcoming addiction, finding the church, leaving the church, or whatever) leads to excessive trust of self. In other words, they feel like they’re now immune from ever being fooled again, and any intuitive impulse that feels right is right. The Sandy Hook Truther demographic bears this model out, as virtually all members are either Jesus freaks or drug addicts and none of them can perform rudimentary critical thinking.

Lyricalorion recognized and owned her error, and not suprisingly, the stupid drones in the Secret Closed Group are furious at her. Roller-skating weirdo A.J. Drew weighs in with a couple of particularly boorish remarks.