The plot thickens as another Halbig defendant takes a stand, refuses to go soft

Wolfgang Halbig took a hard line against CW Wade and got stiffed. Now he’s on the verge of pulling another boner as another defendant files for summary judgment. Here are the most interesting highlights; read the whole thing here.


2 thoughts on “The plot thickens as another Halbig defendant takes a stand, refuses to go soft”

  1. lol, you beat me to mentioning that motion! I hope judge rules on 8-21. Halbig failed to provide evidence within 60 days of the last Summary Judgment Motion… hes shaking down an adjacent property owner for the same injury he already recovered from the City (who owns the property) and hasnt provided any evidence of a duty. . ordered provided on 5-8.. on 7-8 a new motion filed. Shady shady.

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