Fat guy with tits is pretty sure Sandy Hook didn’t actually happen

This one has it all. Crisis actors, liberals, argument by dictionary, “if that was my kid I would…”, etc. And that’s just in the first two minutes.

For more insight into his village-idiot mind, not to mention some laughs, check out his Plenty of Fish profile. This guy makes no secret of his distaste for children.

What woman could possibly resist this buttery slab of manhood?

And don’t miss his extensive, conclusive research into Jade Helm. With evidence like this, Obama and the Illuminati and the NWO and FEMA don’t stand a chance.

This moron’s offer is of course illusory. By “irrefutable”, he means “anything that will change my mind”, which nothing will do, because he is mentally defective. And it’s unlikely such a low achiever would have $25,000 in disposable cash anyway. I, on the other hand, am a high achiever, and I have $25,000 cash on hand for anybody who can demonstrate that any of the Sandy Hook victims are alive and well. In fact I made that offer long ago. No takers yet.

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