Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Tony Mead’s collapsing estate

When you’re done laughing at Obersturmbannführer Halbig’s latest failure, enjoy laughing at this:

Screenshot - 06032015 - 09:42:13 PM

This property, a vacant lot in Citrus Springs, was valued at $6,000 in Tony’s 2010 bankruptcy filing.  Today Tony is on the hook for it to the tune of $26,000. Remember, this is the same guy in financial tailspin who sends $100 donations to Halbig every month or so.

Screenshot - 06032015 - 09:48:13 PMI don’t practice bankruptcy; maybe the sale was on hold pending this outcome. In any case, the sale is June 18. Come early to the courthouse and maybe you can score this beautiful lot just an hour from the beach. Bring a trash bag to haul off all the beer cans and used condoms.





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