Bottom-feeding Truther scumbag in shocking donation page timestamp fraud scandal

Up until now I have left Jermain alone. He’s made some of the most ridiculous statements on record about the Sandy Hook victims; but he’s clearly mentally retarded and visually disabled, which has inclined me to go easy on him. In addition he has expressed hope that the child victims are actually alive somewhere and will be returned to their families, which is at least a nice thought.

But that ends today, because Jermain is the latest Truther busted for inventing a fake dead friend who never existed.

busted 1

Screenshot - 05312015 - 02:46:56 PM

And as if that weren’t bad enough, now Jermain is using the nonexistent roommate as an pretense for donations so he can — get this — buy a house. Remember how much shit they gave Carlee Soto just for going on vacation? But it gets even worse.

The GoFundMe was created three months before the “roommate” “died”:

Screenshot - 05312015 - 02:50:35 PM

The only silver lining here is that even Jermain’s fellow Truthers aren’t stupid enough to actually send him any money. Good thing Jermain is a keen Bible student. That will help him understand why God wants him to lose his home, wander the streets and eat garbage.




One thought on “Bottom-feeding Truther scumbag in shocking donation page timestamp fraud scandal”

  1. LOL..what a creepiest of all creeps! And there is so much to mention about him. You didnt even mention that he now calls this alleged person his “wife” in several posts, so he stole that from her in alleged death. Of course, there is another possibility than your premise.. the one I thought of instantly when we found out about this.. and that is Jermain .. well you know, she looked pretty healthy in them pre-sudden *cough cough* death photos… then Jermain suddenly has a “exwife”, a sympathy card, a free trailer, and two new dogs. .. fill in the blanks.

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