Truthers shriek in horror at this sorcery called “closed captioning”

C.W. Wade’s recent publication of in-car camera footage with timestamps has caused an uproar in the idiot community. To make a long story short, it turns out that some of the footage thought to be without timestamps in fact had timestamp information present in the closed-captioning layer. Wade found and presented it, and unsurprisingly, the idiots are in full-on denial. The hysteria essentially hinges on the claim that dashcam timestamps don’t look like that.

Screenshot - 05232015 - 08:29:13 PM

Except, you know, when they do:

Screenshot - 05232015 - 07:59:55 PM

Screenshot - 05232015 - 08:10:01 PM
Now we just have to wait as computer expert Tom Lapp reminds us that computer timestamps are never mistaken.

One thought on “Truthers shriek in horror at this sorcery called “closed captioning””

  1. I’m not really sure how idiots like SOS are even able to function in life. They are literally stupid.

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