Meet the Nutjobs: Daneen Covino-Rogers

Bwahahahaha! Dumbassed Sandy Hook Truther and Bette Midler lookalike eats a bowl of karma:


Now let’s break this down. “I’ll never be able to ask him any questions about ‘the event'” means she was planning to ask her boss questions about the event, which no sane person would do. “He gave me reasons, but they went from bullshit to nonsensical” means she was too stupid to process the information he was giving her. “I wonder if anyone I work with may have told him how I felt about Sandy Hook” means she’s well aware that people think she’s an idiot when she runs her mouth, but she kept running it anyway. Check, check, and check. This moron got what she deserved.

Being a Sandy Hook Truther is reason enough to fire somebody, but isn’t it more likely she was fired for some other reason — gross incompetence, underperformance, a difficult personality, body odor, spending too much time on the shitter, that kind of thing?

3 thoughts on “Meet the Nutjobs: Daneen Covino-Rogers”

  1. Hey hey hey….I smell just fine, but I won’t deny that I spend a lot of time on the shitter thanks to not having a gall bladder. Thanks for the compliment re Bette Midler. I would have gone with Bonnie Franklin myself but Bette’s fine too. P/S my feelings on SH still haven’t changed. And btw, to the contrary: sane people ask questions. Insane people tend to make assumptions.

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