Ingenious moments in crisis management (updated)

The incomparable C.W. Wade pointed this out to me a couple nights ago. I literally laughed out loud:

Screenshot - 05032015 - 11:19:24 AMIt’s a list of open HTTP proxies, which can  be used to hide your identity when you’re online. To understand why this pic is funny, compare line 17 to line 36 of an unaltered screenshot:

Screenshot - 04292015 - 10:52:54 PMIn a gloriously inept move, “J. Dryden” has attempted to forge a screenshot suggesting that is or was at some point an HTTP proxy. One can only conclude that he must have some connection to Why else would he bring it up, and be so anxious to dissociate himself from it?

This isn’t the first time “J. Dryden” has managed to shit his pants with the world watching. I’d love to hear him explain how he managed to get SSH access over an HTTP proxy, but I’m not sure how to get in touch with him.

Update: As predicted, and right on schedule. Will this boy never learn to stop taking the bait?

Screenshot - 05032015 - 07:28:46 PM

One thought on “Ingenious moments in crisis management (updated)”

  1. Yes, Im Y2K still making pages with old school web pages and not a net wizard… but Jeff’s mistake is imputing that to Arie, who, in turn, owns Jeff over and over. LOL too funny! Busted!

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