Rising domestic terrorist arrested; nervous whackjobs assure each other he’s not really one of them

The recent arrest of Timothy Rogalski is good news, but his ongoing confinement and court-ordered psychological evaluation is even better news. There was a time when courts simply dealt with these weirdos by getting them through the system and back home as quickly as possible. But those days are over. Sovereign Citizens aren’t just an eccentric fringe group anymore, they are an emerging terrorist group. The similarities between Sovereign Citizens and Sandy Hook Truthers, 9/11 Truthers, Tenthers, Tax Protesters, Anti-Vaxxers, Chemtards, Birthers, etc. outweigh the differences. Each of these groups reduces to a manifestation of paranoia (“They Are Hiding Something”) combined with hubris (“I Am Right And Justified”).

So it’s not too surprising, then, to watch the up-and-coming terrorists in action as they resist absorbing some recent reality.

Screenshot - 04152015 - 08:28:13 PM

Not the first time we’ve seen this “The Hoaxer-is-the-Hoax” maneuver; they also tried that with Andrew Truelove, the insane asshole whole stole memorial signs last year. Also typical here is the inability to actually do basic research — you know, that kind that turns up something you didn’t already think you knew. If they were able to do that they would have learned that Rogalski already has a criminal record for weed possession and DUI. Not a likely candidate to be an undercover fed.

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It is wise that courts and law enforcement are beginning to take a proactive role in profiling the members of fringe groups as potential violent threats. The one good thing about them creeping off the Internet and into the news is that they’re finally getting noticed. Maybe some of them will even have families that care enough to get them help.

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  1. Pot.. figures… Show me a paranoid troofer and I’ll show you someone with a pot logo somewhere on their page… coincidence?

  2. Wow, you really are digging deep. running out of shit to say to make yourself feel BETTER about you waste of a life. Dick muncher.

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