Despite reservations, Halbig’s latest attorney forges ahead with plans to hypnotize the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission

Notorious lunatic scumbag Professor James Tracy reports that Wolfgang Halbig’s latest Connecticut FOIA attorney is one (L.) Kay Wilson. He further reports that fearing for her safety, she dropped the case before deciding to return.

Screenshot - 04072015 - 07:27:07 PMWhew, that’s a relief. So let’s take a look at Wilson’s credentials…

Screenshot - 04072015 - 07:40:30 PMPretty solid so far. UConn is a good law school. But, um, what is a Certified Neuro Lin[g]uistic Programming Practitioner?

The names NLP and Neuro-linguistic Programming are not owned by any person or organisation, they are not trademarked intellectual property and there is no central regulating authority for NLP instruction and certification. There is no restriction on who can describe themselves as an NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Master Trainer and there are a multitude of certifying associations;[134] this has led Devilly (2005) to describe such training and certifying associations as granfalloons, i.e. proud and meaningless associations of human beings.

[Citations omitted.] In other words, NLP is pseudoscience, just like 9/11 Truth and Chemtrails and Holocaust denial and all the other horseshit that Sandy Hook Truthers trade in. Even if one has an interest in that stuff, it’s pretty stupid to put it on a professional resume. Now let’s take a look at her Connecticut litigation history

Screenshot - 04072015 - 10:32:03 PM

Two recent cases. I’m not sure how far back these records go, but that doesn’t sound like a lot. She’s admitted to the Federal system so there might be some stuff in PACER as well, which I am too lazy to look up right now.

And how did the Tonsha case go for her?

Screenshot - 04072015 - 10:35:55 PMOops. She first appeared for the defendant on January 24, but apparently never got around to answering the complaint, costing her client a default judgment. There may have been other factors here — I don’t see any discipline on file for her — but her performance on this record doesn’t look too good.

In summary, it appears that L. Kay Wilson is simply the latest half-baked weirdo wasting Wolfgang Halbig’s time and taking his money (or rather, what little money his idiot flock can spare). I can’t blame her if she tries some NLP mind tricks on the Commission, since she doesn’t appear to be especially competent using normal methods.