Another attorney abandons Halbig’s sinking ship

Wolfgang Halbig has rotten luck with lawyers. First he had to fire Day R. Williams after Williams failed to procure the names of the mysterious 2013 Super Bowl children. Just a few days ago, his Connecticut FOIC action hit a snag when the Commission postponed its scheduled hearing, leaving Wolf with hundreds of suicidal supporters and an airline ticket he couldn’t transfer. And when his newest attorney wanted $5000 to proceed with the action, the Closed Group Cretins failed to raise it in their usual style.

Screenshot - 04032015 - 05:23:35 PM

And now this disaster:

Screenshot - 04032015 - 05:18:28 PMEr, no, Brenda. Nobody threatened her. Wolf’s new attorney realized, belatedly, that she’s dealing with a bunch of poverty-stricken screwballs. Legal services are not the professional help you guys need. Even if you guys could raise the money, no ethical attorney would take on such a sick joke of an action.

Barb recommends asking Joseph Sapp, who was disbarred in 2008 after going to jail for child abuse. That shouldn’t be funny, but it is.