Bankrupt, deranged stalker donates $100 to obese, psychotic stalker

In what is sure to come as a shock to nobody, financial genius Tony Mead has just sent more of somebody else’s money to Wolfgang “Furzköpfiger Rosettenhengst” Halbig:

duh1He has urged his demented followers at the Closed Group to do the same, and naturally the stupid sheep are obeying. It looks like Tony also dropped a few hundred bucks in Orlando not long ago.

duh2Sometimes I wonder what Sue thinks of Tony’s mental illness. Then I remember she hangs out with Tony in the first place, indicating that she’s at least as stupid as he is. That would certainly explain the vacant, brain dead look she sports in every photo.


One thought on “Bankrupt, deranged stalker donates $100 to obese, psychotic stalker”

  1. “Help I need you to look at a map.” “Help we need $5,000 again.” “Quick! The sky is falling!” “THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER!!!” Classic!

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