FOIC delay sparks rage, tears, butthurt, confusion, stupidity

The postponement of Wolfgang Halbig’s Connecticut FOIC hearing has triggered predictably amusing commentary from the idiots. Many are incensed that the delay appears designed to accommodate Newtown School Board attorney Monte Frank’s participation in a charity bike ride; all are now fully convinced that Somebody Must Be Hiding Something. A typical remark:

Screenshot - 03262015 - 09:34:11 PMThe #8 referred to is found in Halbig’s copy of the hearing notice. Unsurprisingly, this is a lie: Connecticut’s FOIA law says no such thing. And while the Commission states that neither party may postpone a hearing, the Commission itself may of course postpone anything it wants to, which appears to be what happened here.

There is interesting material in Sections 1-206 and 1-241 about the consequences for frivolous and harassing use of the FOIA law. Predicting right now that one or both of those sections will be mentioned in whatever reply he gets.