Meet the Nutjobs: Neil Rowe

Never noticed this dumb kid before today, when he posted a hard-hitting Rowe Report (snicker) to the Closed Group.

Screenshot - 02122015 - 08:12:03 PM

All the signs are here. Frantic run-on sentences, disconnected thoughts, misstatements of fact, misstatements of law, and absurd conclusions. His Facebook page contains the usual assortment of delusional nonsense. I am compelled to admit that his heroin-vampire look is original.

His bewilderment at “copy written fictional characters” is amusing; I think I understand what he’s asking, but his inability to articulate it indicates some combination of stupidity and / or learning disability.

I guess the Rowe Report is something he just started, since the closest thing I can find with Google is multiple investment reports from T. Rowe Price. I hope he can put the bong down long enough to find his voice. The world is in desperate need of more idiots repeating themselves and each other.