Meet the Nutjobs: Dean Lingley Sr.

Get a load of this asshole:


Lingley is convinced that nobody identified a loved one in person. “Scoop” Moorehead claims that nobody identified a loved one via photograph. Unsurprisingly, nobody makes any effort to reconcile this discrepancy… they probably don’t even see it. Nor can they quite articulate why the question is even important, since there is no real-life dispute that the victims were really victims.

From his Facebook photo feed, we can confirm that Lingley himself is a certifiable whack job. Jesus, Bibles, guns, autism, etc. etc. etc. Does this look like the face of somebody who should be near small children? I’d love to know what sick thoughts were going through his head as he held this infant.


He lists his employer as EMS Energy Mizer, which has a curious section on their website pandering to paranoid individuals. I gather he’s some kind of commissioned affiliate who makes a few pennies here and there selling scammish products to his fellow nutjobs. To summarize: Dean Lingley, Sr., is a psycho piece of shit and pathetic embarrassment to his family. Since he’s too much of a coward to just ask the families himself how they identified their loved ones, he should also turn off his computer and jump off a bridge somewhere. Nothing of value would be lost.

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