Meet the Nutjobs: Tonya S. Graham

Tonya is stupid enough to be a fan of Maureen “Yeast Infection” Crowley, even after her Maureen’s embarrassing recent performance:


But I think the real key to understanding this dumb bitch is in this post of hers:

sullivan fake obituary

In case it’s hard to read, it appears that Tonya’s father passed away in 2013, and somebody (presumably, Tonya’s siblings) denied her access before and after the cremation. In general, the only reason family will do this is if the person being denied had a history of cruelty toward the deceased. The reasonable inference is that Tonya treated her father like shit while he was alive, then tried to make a grab at his estate after his death, and then cried like an entitled little bitch when that didn’t work.

In other words, Tonya Graham is a standard Sandy Hook Truth personality: greedy, cruel and delusional. In the same way that Erik Pearson screws his coworkers and invents fake dead children and Tony Mead killed his father with shame by drinking too much, Tonya thinks only of herself and has no perception of the pain she causes others.

I could go full Truther here and point out that since there are no pictures of Larry Sullivan and Tonya Graham together as adults, it’s highly likely that Larry Sullivan never existed. But that would be silly.

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